Coffee on Campus: A Student Opinion

When the average person thinks college student, I think two stereotyped images come to mind: crazy, drunk partying college students, and crazed college students at 4 a.m. trying to a write a paper and chugging cup after cup of coffee.

That second one is what I take issue with. While the first one I can’t speak to (pleading the fifth), the second image is one I know well. However, not every college student is that coffee addict one might imagine.

In fact, I have wrangled a few college students (unwilling roommates and friends who can’t run from me) to give me their take on coffee as a college student. That’s right. We’re breaking down stereotyping on the Bean Stream tonight.

Image Everyone say hi to Ally, my roommate. Hi, Ally! Ally is a confessed coffee addict and college student.

Tessa: So, Ally, you drink coffee, correct?

Ally: Religiously.

T: Why?

A: Well, it tastes delicious and it keeps me going all day!

T: What’s your go-to coffee that tastes so delicious?

A: I mean a medium caramel Dunkin Donuts coffee on the go is my favorite, but I brew my own coffee, too, when I have the time. They’re equally delicious. I find brewing my own coffee gives me richer, stronger coffee, but as a college student, I don’t always have the time.

T: Is the reason you started drinking coffee because of your being a college student?

A: 100%. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I came to college! But then I got so into the taste — and, admittedly, addicted to the caffeine — that now it’s just a routine for me. I routine I love.

T: How many coffees do you have a day as a college student?

A: On days with my earlier classes and more classes I tend to have two, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but on slower days I can get by with just one in the morning!



Meet Beth! She’s my apartment-mate and extraordinarily busy college student who sometimes relies on coffee occasionally but is not quite as addicted as Ally and myself.

Tessa: So Beth, how do you feel about coffee?

Beth: Coffee and I have a love/hate relationship.

T: How so?

B: Well, when I need something quick to pick me up, especially when I have a long day or a lot of work to do, coffee is perfect. But I don’t drink it on a daily basis?

T: Is it mostly the nighttime push of homework? Sunday night best friend?

B: Actually, not at all! I’ll have coffee in the morning if I know I’ll need it, but I can’t drink coffee in the middle of the day or at night. Ick.

T: Ick? Why ‘Ick’?

B: I just do not take later-in-the-day-coffee well. It makes me nauseous! Even sometimes in the morning.

T: Ouch, sounds love/hate.

B: It is. But I figure, it does what I need it to do when I need it, and it’s got to be better for me than one of those gross energy drinks!


And finally, Johnny (and a coat hanger…I couldn’t talk him off the ledge on that picture). Johnny is anti-coffee. Let’s all boo and hiss at him. Just kidding, let’s hear why!

Tessa: You HATE coffee?

Johnny: Yes…don’t hate me.

T: I don’t, I’m just confused! You’re a college student…how do you function?

J: I function fine! It’s just not something I need to get through my day. But I do love the smell.

T: Really? But not the taste?

J: Isn’t it weird? I love coffee shops because I love the way they smell, but to me coffee does not smell the way it tastes.

T: And how does coffee taste to you? You strange, strange person. (Just kidding. We’re friends. Remember that.)

J: It’s too strong ALL THE TIME for me. I need to put like ten million packets of sugar to make any cup I’ve ever had taste good!

T: What about flavored coffee?

J: Even those, I just hate the taste. Not something I ever acquired.

T: Is there any other way you power through your days or are you just superhuman?

J: I do love tea. I drink tea all the time, especially black because it’s got a little caffeine to it to get me going. Unlike coffee, tea is delicious and keeps my energy up! So much better.

T: Well, we’ll agree to disagree on that one.


Well, there you have it, folks! A college take on coffee. Remember, we’re not ALL hyped up on coffee all the time…So don’t discriminate, alright?

Coffee profiling — not cool.