It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…Coffee?

There is a, ah, superhuman new coffee trend on the rise.

Bulletproof Coffee shop and café is the newest café to grace the sunny streets of Santa Monica, California. Bulletproof’s coffee is also the newest health trend to hit the West Coast.

What’s the health secret, you ask? Naturally, it’s the last thing on earth you’d expect.

The coffee is made with a single-origin French press blend which is then whipped with — wait for it — butter.

Voila! Butter coffee is born. With a blast of MCT oil, this coffee becomes a rich, dark, frothy, and flavorful cup of coffee.

So that’s all well and good. A delicious new type of coffee with a classic American twist to clog our arteries with more efficiency! But wait — this buttery coffee is not what you’d expect.


Besides being tantalizingly yummy, Bulletproof’s butter coffee is also designed to speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat all day long. Owner and creator David Asprey used himself as a test subject when creating the super-brew, losing 60 pounds of fat in the process.

Asprey credits the coffee’s awesome abilities to its increase in fat through the addition of the butter. Asprey swears by his high-fat diet, eating mainly fatty foods like avocados to boost his fat-burning abilities;

“It turns off your sugar cravings,” Aspray said, “[butter coffee] helps put your body in fat-burning mode to start the day.”

In addition to this new butt-kicking-coffee, Bulletproof’s café is stocked with only healthy, organic options — and that’s not all. Asprey has invested in making the entire interior of the café a health-nut’s dream.

The café chairs will be programmed to emit pulses designed to stimulate blood flow and stem cells. There will be a whole body vibration plate that will gives your muscles, tendons and ligaments a workout while you wait for your coffee. Even the lighting is meant to help regulate circadian rhythms of patrons!

All of these additions along with Bulletproof’s signature butter coffee are meant to make customers — you guessed it — bulletproof.

While Aspray may be living proof that a diet high in fat can yield incredible results, not all dietitians are going to love the idea of dropping a pad of butter into their coffee. There has certainly been a little backlash from some dietary experts, saying that the caloric drink is “devoid of nutrition”.

But with Asprey’s incredible health results and the amazing technological health aspects of Bulletproof Coffee and café, it seems that the proof is in the…well, in the butter.