(F)requently(A)sked(Q)uestions Page

1) Is this a blog about a world traveler who has millions of various foreign coffee shops and brews at her disposal?

Don’t I wish. Just being a college student in a relatively small area with a lot of papers to write, I do not have the coffee world at my finger tips. But I do get creative with the local shops and blends that I can make in the comfort of my own apartment. I’ll get back to you on the world traveler thing.

2) So…are you not a coffee, expert then?

You are correct, sir an/or madam. I am not, in fact, a coffee expert. At all. By any means. I’m just a big fan girl for coffee. But I am certainly no coffee expert.

3) If you’re not an “expert” then why did you make a blog about coffee, huh?

First of all, there’s no need to take a tone. I made this blog to detail my exploration of my relationship with coffee. Coffee is something I’ve always enjoyed and as I’ve come to love it more and more, I’ve found I want to learn more about it. This blog chronicles me learning new things about coffee, coffee culture, and new blends and brews.

4) Who is your audience?

Coffee lovers at all levels! Even people who don’t know much about coffee and maybe want to do some exploring with me as they determine if coffee is for them. You don’t have to be a coffee protege (although if you are and you want to read, please do), no matter your amount knowledge on coffee, there’s something for you on this blog.

5) What do you want those readers to get out of your blog?

I hope that maybe you’ll learn something new about coffee when you take a look at my blog. Maybe a funky new flavor or some coffee world news that you hadn’t heard — I hope you walk away knowing one more thing about coffee that you didn’t know before, and feeling inspired to go brew yourself a cup. Also, I can be pretty embarrassing and clueless, so I hope every reader got at least one good laugh out of me.

6) Why on Earth, out of all the things there are to write about, would you write about coffee?!

I believe that coffee has many things to offer the world, I wanted to honor that by trying to learn more about coffee. Beyond it’s delicious taste, marvelous caffeinated properties, and health benefits, coffee is a social medium. Coffee can bring people together, make them bond, make them feel comfortable and at home. Coffee is also something that can be creative as well; you can make coffee what you want it to be and personalize it to be exactly what you want and need. I admire coffee for all of those reasons, so it seemed to be the perfect topic to explore.

7) I expected more Brew Reviews or critiques of coffee shops — have I been lied to?

No, I would never lie to you! While there are some specific Brew Reviews and some critiques of blends and shops on this blog (search, you’ll find ’em!) after I started writing I found that there was so much more to coffee than just these reviews. Coffee is in the news, coffee is a cultural phenomenon! So while I started this blog with the pure intent of it being a review blog, that has almost been lessened in a way by the overwhelming amount of things I’ve found can be discussed about coffee. Also, I won’t lie, school gets me so busy that I don’t ever really have time to go out and explore new coffee shops. With that out of the way, you can expect some more review-type posts than I have been doing before!

8) Anything I didn’t answer here?

Not enough information for your questioning soul? Please leave a comment! I would be happy to answer any and all questions, whether they be coffee related or not. Want to ask me about where to try something I’ve reviewed? Leave a comment! Want to ask me what the meaning of life is? Leave a comment!

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