Coffee Review Twisted Pepper Dublin

Surprise post! Although the blog has been retired for a few months, I came across this post and loved it! Couldn’t resist the reblog.

Organic Coffee

As I am living in Dublin at the moment I asked several people who are passionate about coffee where the best coffee in town is served. I heard a lot of different places such as the Sacha Café on Drury Street or the Twisted Pepper. As I was curious so I tried both. First we went to the Twisted Pepper and ordered a coffee set, which is the combination of a cappuccino and an espresso shot. I chose a cappuccino with a sweet and earthy flavour, from Nicaragua. This cappuccino was nicely served and tasted even better. The taste was smooth, even thought I chose an earthy flavour.

3fe coffee in the twisted pepper dublin 3fe coffee in the twisted pepper dublin

The foam was very creamy and I enjoyed drinking the cappuccino a lot. After the first half of my cappuccino I had the espresso shot, which was very strong and good as well. I…

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